Buried Under the Bed

by Bag of Bones

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all music written and recorded by john molfetas in purchase and long island

artwork by john molfetas


released January 30, 2011

BIG THANKS TO pat linehan (drums), matt amandola and nick filippi (gang vocals)

everything else done by john molfetas



all rights reserved


Bag of Bones Williston Park, New York

former long island musical ensemble

we still have leftover merch so email me if you want shirts or tapes: jmolfetas@gmail.com

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Track Name: Dreams
i don't know how i got here but these faces don't excite me
throw your guitar in the trunk so i can fit here in the backseat
if we can get back home without a dial tone and i can find my mom beside a traffic cone
in every subway car there's a fallen star looking for directions to an open bar

it's unbelievable but i feel it in my dreams or somewhere i can't see
he's indistinguishable from someone that i've seen someone that looks like me

this couch can't fit the three of us unless you squeeze in over there
it's getting awkward now that we're old enough to care
give me a month and a half to get my bearings and recharge
but after that don't forget to throw me back to where i was
Track Name: Breathe In / Deeply
i'm sorting through the words you wrote in this letter
i cut them out to rearrange and make it sound better
it's nothing personal, i just thought you could use the help
frost bite can hurt when the water is cold
my socks will keep me warm from what i have been told
is it true? do i really have to?

standing on crowded streets with my hands in my denim jeans
watching the silly things we do when we have lost our dreams

i'm getting sick and tired, fatigued and i read
a book that told me it was caused by my tv
i'm hiding from you, you can find me if you want to
just try real hard
hide and seek is no fun when you're standing next to me
come next week, we'll be dying for this industry
breathe in, deeply, forget everything
Track Name: Tunnels
i wish i could navigate these tunnels at night so my feet could stay dry and avoid all the ice. i'm finding humor in your playlists and 80's sounding interests. it's seeping into my bloodstream and infecting my conscience. suddenly i'm humming along with one of your favorite songs i would have never liked if i found it on my own. you're taking over
this reminds me of our summer trip to fort james where you caught the flu and were forced to stay in. you would've loved it, the weather was great.
reaching into your pocket, i'm feeling uneasy, just hoping it's nothing and out comes your hand holding something that i can't place my finger on.
it's familiar, almost too much, but buried under the bed is a box full of things from my grandpa, he left it for me to find.
an assortment of photos of people i don't know and a note reading hang these things up in the attic. i know you, and i know you will do what i tell you
Track Name: Tracing Horizons
tracing horizons going up and down this road
after a night with friends, driving but we're still bored
is it really worth this to treat this the same?
we're finding our intentions weren't what we thought
Track Name: Christmas Lights
when you're sleeping on my arm and i can't move an inch at all
the time won't move like it always should so i can't help but tell you how it feels
and i hope that your brother doesn't run outside like he wishes he could
but his doctor says he's not ready, but someday maybe he will

i can't tell if you're after attention or your just acting like you're poor and helpless
it's not attractive, it's freaking us all out. just quit it before you embarrass yourself

there will be a day when you wake up and realize you fit right in
although your skin is getting rougher and your voice never seems to sound the same
i know you feel like you're lonely but you're just forgetting that everyone feels real
like when you spent your whole weekend just waiting around for someone who was never here