the silence

by Bag of Bones

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released August 14, 2015

john molfetas - guitars, vocals, keys
matt amandola - bass
ben martines - drums
evan miller - tenor sax

recorded by john molfetas @ acme recording studio
with help from evan miller and patrick hyland



all rights reserved


Bag of Bones Williston Park, New York

former long island musical ensemble

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Track Name: ceramic tiles
the setting and time could've been better aligned
an expected expiration on a never-ending timeline
but better i resign than to keep on pushing forward when we know that it'll slip
it's in the design

perpetual loop of a 5k tone
you've assigned a part of your mind to telling me what's wrong
what's wrong is you're never out of breath when we all could use a break
so keep your thoughts and let them linger

the wild eyes and the ideas i tried
but nothing came close to a second with you
a sickening substitute
Track Name: isosceles
a few steps behind you, you'll find me

when you're falling asleep with your back turned to me
i can make out the shape of your thoughts in that dreamy state
well that's enough for one night
i step outside
it felt good to be alone
Track Name: hiss
why bother?
no one cares what i do
so why should i even try?
Track Name: spring valley
skipping stones
reflecting images i wanted to show but couldn't explain until the guilt came
never stick your nose where it doesn't belong
when you look at me you'll see where i went wrong

forget that empty nest
a second chance to make amends
another thing i thought i understood but it turns out i never could
a silhouette of a second-hand bated breath
a whisper in the ear of every second guess
Track Name: the hole
filling the hole inside with self-indulgent desire
i know i shouldn't but don't pretend you haven't been as low as i've been
cutting corners to fit in
rewrite the memories to feel it
make it feel real
distract the brain
cover every trace
maybe every other day you just might feel okay
a quick escape
you should see the look on your face
not enough for you
what else is new?

caught myself waiting for your call
whispers in my headphones replace your ever-numbing explanations of your days recalled
i never wanted this to matter 'cause in the end
i made up everything
i gave up everything

it sucks to find out everything you did wasn't enough
and why would it have been?
in the end, the only one i cared about letting down is the one that sleeps in my head
Track Name: open-mindedness
when you come around we'll be two peas in a pod
walking on everybody's lawns
but i could never imagine that happening

it was a long time ago when we last walked side by side
it was a different time
a mystery you kept from me
matching socks and folding laundry
the second closest thing to real
a simple sentence would suffice
say it quick to break the ice

i'm not there yet, i'm on my way
taking my time around the block
passing by your door, wishing i could stop and talk
i'm not there yet, i'm on my way
Track Name: sap green
he yelled as you cried
what a way to sympathize
he was never the best at socializing
you have to get to know him to realize his neglected, redeeming, comfortable side
he's a good guy
but what's that worth?
Track Name: simulacrum
everything is a choice
don't convince yourself otherwise
keep your conscience clean
don't interfere with anything
it'll work itself out on it's own
or maybe it won't
Track Name: lava flow
watching you watching me attempt to inconspicuously retreat
but what's the harm when no one would miss my company?
be honest with me

don't waste your time on trying to find what once was so apparent in life
but now feels left behind
it's right in front of your eyes