third dimension

by Bag of Bones

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released February 25, 2014

john molfetas - guitar, bass, vocals, piano, keys
ben martines - drums, trombone
evan miller - tenor sax, trumpet, vocals
pat linehan - piano, tambourine, midi drums
matt amandola - spoken word on "blue moonlight"
patrick hyland - baritone sax
nick filippi - vocals
kyle moore - vocals
chris postlewaite - vocals

photo by rafal karcz
recorded by john molfetas



all rights reserved


Bag of Bones Williston Park, New York

former long island musical ensemble

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Track Name: sacred geometry
staring out your window waiting for a change
a car to pull into your driveway
a means to escape

afraid of what's on the other side of the door that you can't seem to face
an image in the doorway, faded, but you recognize my shape

and i'm still standing here
it's not fair, i wanted happiness
but i'll settle for whatever feels the closest
Track Name: the glare
waking up three minutes before i need to get up
out through the door
step on the pavement and walk

remind myself what i'm still here for before i forget and give up

on the drive home you said i couldn't get out of your head
...or so you said...

i'm not entirely sure what to believe anymore
Track Name: spit
you're the saliva building up in my mouth
i spit it out and you're helpless, lying on the floor, but i walk away and go on with my day
Track Name: as she walked away
i wish i wasn't the one who calls you then hangs up right when you answer the phone
Track Name: blue moonlight
heavy thoughts on hillside
feeling the world slow down in my head
am i down or just a piece of trash?
who's to blame but myself?
staying between the yellow lines is only hard at night

[poem by matt amandola]
Track Name: techniques for achieving ecstasy
i'm praying for the worst for my friends so that i can feel better
if i'm doing better than they are, then maybe i can feel better
because the night is the best and the worst part of my day
the morning is just a haze
i'm never even somewhat awake
Track Name: purple flowers
a disguise
head hanging low under the night sky
a misguided mind sitting on top of a shallow spine
think of why you'd even want to spend your night on some boring conversation
i don't mind, i'd just rather not waste my time
it's almost like no one's even interesting anymore
Track Name: reading between lines
i'd rather paint these walls white than to spend another night out with you
i might just go insane if i don't find my way
get back to where i've never been before
Track Name: cold hands
i'm waiting by my window for you...i don't want to
laying in bed alone with no one on my mind
winter night

a simile you wrote three years ago
still stuck in my head, i'll know it forever

walking slow through the snow
a terrible thought of not making it home
Track Name: woodcliff lake
coming undone at the seams
spilling onto the concrete
asleep at the wheel
i'm sleeping while i'm standing here

safe in your bed
imagine not feeling safe in your own head

i think i was born to waste my life and wait to die
i was never destined to be alive so i'll take another night to pretend that i'm alright
Track Name: the wisp
i'm sick of everything
pretty much sick of everyone i meet
i'm gonna find a place to sleep and just forget about the memories
Track Name: rogue encampment
i fell down today after a night outside
and i wanted to sit next to you but that's not okay with you
if i only was to talk to you, would i have to chance to?
if i wanted you to stay, i know i wouldn't say it